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Roof Maintenance: Three Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

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The roof is the one component of your home that you don't realize just how important it is until it begins to fail on you. It is what protects you from the rain, snow, and other environmental elements. It keeps you comfortable and dry. Unfortunately, most homeowners take their roofs for granted and fail to give it the TLC it deserves. In failing to maintain your roof, you are setting yourself up for disaster, as the risk of repairs significantly increases, especially after storms. So, to ensure that your roof investment is not simply thrown out the window, here are few mistakes that you should avoid making with your roof.

Pressure Washing

Removing debris from your roof is very important, but you must make sure that you do it properly so as to avoid damage to the roof. Some homeowners assume that they can use a pressure washer in the same way that they do with their driveway, exterior siding, etc. However, when it comes to the roof, a pressure washer is far too powerful—even on its lowest setting. While it will indeed remove the debris from the roof, it is likely to also remove the granules from the shingles, resulting in the shingles no longer being waterproof or having that UV-resistant layer of protection. To avoid having to pay for repairs, you should opt for a more conventional debris removals method, such as a leaf blower or a soft-bristled broom. Alternatively, you can contact a professional.

Walking on the Roof

It doesn't matter what type of roofing material you have on your roof, it is never a good idea to walk on the roof unless it is an absolute emergency. The more foot traffic that your roof experiences, the more wear and tear it will endure. If you are not experienced in walking on roofs, you could cause unnecessary damage and/or injure yourself. Visual inspections can be performed from the ground, and if you notice something out of place, you can contact a roofing contractor to come out and perform a more thorough inspection.

Failing to Schedule Annual Inspections

A huge mistake that homeowners often make is failing to contact a contractor to perform routine inspections. While you may not have noticed any issues with your roof, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't have an inspection performed. After all, there may be some issues that you cannot see, and if there are, you need to deal with them sooner rather than later. When you fail to schedule these annual inspections, your home and your family are at risk. In the event that something happens, you are going to be out more money for repairs or replacement than you would have by simply paying for the inspection and maintenance.

For more information on routine maintenance and inspections, contact a roofing contractor in your area.