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Decks That Will Work Well On A Small Piece Of Property

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Owning a small parcel of land does not mean that you have to forego having a new deck installed on your property. If you are certain that a standard-sized deck would overpower your yard and you would like to scale down the outdoor feature, either add a separate deck that is adjacent to the fencing that surrounds your yard or pick a wrap around style, which consists of a narrow deck that extends across two sides of your home.

A Deck That Is Adjacent to a Fence

A deck that is installed alongside a fence panel's interior will provide you with privacy and a suitable area to read some books, soak up the rays, or prepare a grilled dinner. Choose a dark wood decking material that will contrast with the color of the lawn or select painted boards or laminate pieces that are a lighter hue and that will complement the sidewalk, asphalt, and other paved surfaces that are on your property.

Since you will potentially be working with a smaller deck size than what one might expect to see on a residential plot, you will need to pick the key features that you would like the deck to possess and should limit furnishings, decor, and cooking gear that will be utilized outdoors. If you definitely would like to place your barbecue grill on the deck and will be lacking enough room for a large table and chair set, think about investing in versatile furnishings.

An outdoor daybed is a piece that can be used as a lounger or a couch, depending upon what activity you are partaking in. Use a corner end table as a decorative piece and as an item that will be used to hold your glasses, phone, or other small possessions that you will be using outdoors. Since the deck will be exposed to the elements, you should either have wood pieces sealed or consider having a fabric canopy installed over the deck.

A Wrap Around Style Deck

A wrap around deck will allow you to make the most out of your outdoor space without disrupting your yard in entirety. A deck contractor will advise you on choosing a layout that is functional and that will complement your home's exterior. The materials that are used to construct the deck can be light or dark in hue, and you may even want to choose pieces that are the exact same color as your home's siding to make it look as if the deck was designed especially for your home.

Since a wrap around style will encompass two sides of your home, set up one side of the deck for lounging or entertaining and the other side of the deck for preparing meals. This will ensure that you have enough room for all of your grilling supplies, outdoor furnishings, and decorative items. 

For more information about residential decks, contact a local contractor.