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Want To Make A Change In Your Home? 2 Low Budget Changes You Can Make

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If you are bored with your home but do not have a lot of money to remodel, there are many things you can do that will not cost you a substantial amount of money. Below are two things so you can start planning for these changes. 

Paint the Interior

Giving your interior a new paint job will make a big difference in the way any room looks. If you are not experienced, however, hire a professional to do this job for you. This is important because if painted incorrectly it can make the room look worse.

You can paint just about anything in your home from the walls to the cabinets. First, pick out the color. You can choose subdued colors like white or beige. You can also choose vibrant colors like red or yellow. You could also paint one wall a vibrant color and the rest of the walls a subdued color.

A good room to paint would be the living room. This is because the living room is generally a large room and a placed where your family likely spends a lot of time. Some popular colors for living rooms are green, gray, blue, beige and black. You can also paint the kitchen. Colors that can create a welcoming kitchen include white, blue, yellow, red, green, and gray. You can also paint the cabinets if your cabinets are getting old. Along with paint change out the hardware to give the cabinets a brand new look. The interior painter can do this for you also. 

Change the Flooring

The flooring is a big focal point in any room. For the kitchen, you could go with sheet vinyl, porcelain tiles, hardwood, or cork.  Sheet vinyl would be the least expensive option, but it is waterproof and resistant to stains. Sheet vinyl is also easy to clean as there are no grooves for food and debris to get stuck in. 

Porcelain tiles is another option you have, which is a durable option. You can choose glazed or unglazed tiles, depending on the look that you want in your kitchen. If you choose unglazed, the floor is considered resistant to slipping. 

Hardwood is a good option for any room in your home. Hardwood is also durable and adds beauty and warmth. You do need to ensure the hardwood flooring is finished properly to reduce stains. You can choose solid wood or for a less expensive option, choose engineered wood planks. 

There are many more things you can do to your home that will not cost you a lot of money. These include replacing curtains and draperies, adding a backsplash in the kitchen, and more. 

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