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Tearing Down A House? Why You Need A Demo Crew

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You've purchased land that comes with a house you need to tear down, or you have a shed or other piece of property that is unable to be renovated and you need the parcel taken down. While you can tear down a house on your own, it isn't the best route to go. If you are tearing down a house, you need a demolition crew. Here are just some of the reason why:

Your insurance won't cover DIY demoliton

Your insurance won't cover anything that may happen while doing demolition if you do the whole thing yourself. Since you aren't a licensed contractor, or insured to do demolition, if you take out a power line, damage parts of your property, or actually get injured while on-site, you will not have insurance coverage, at least with your homeowners insurance, to help you with the expenses.

However, if you hire a demolition crew, they are often bonded and licensed on their own and carry their own insurance. Being a professional demolition team, your crew will most likely not have any type of accident occur during the demolition process, but in the event something were to happen, you'd have the coverage, and so would your demolition company, to get the damage taken care of without massive out-of-pocket expenses.

You don't have all the demolition tools and help

In order to have a successful demolition, you have to have certain tools and machinery. You likely don't already have these pieces of equipment and will have to rent, and get people to operate, this equipment if you choose to do your own DIY demo. This can cost you lots of time and money and takes you away from work and other projects.

You'll see that hiring out your demolition project will save you money and time in the end. You'll get a whole crew that will be able to meet your demolition needs, which means you will be able to go about your regular job and daily routines without worrying about having the right tools and help to complete your project.

Your demolition project is important to you, and with the right team, can be completed in a short amount of time. This way, you'll be able to go about your day and do what you want with your land without having the offending parcel taking up real estate on your property. If you don't know a great demolition crew to work with, speak to your home insurance agent for a referral.