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Durable Solutions For Better Exterior Finishes: Four Tips To Help Improve Your Home With Vinyl Siding For Replacements And Renov

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Over the years, the wear of exterior finishes on homes may need more than simple repairs. Sometimes, old finishes like wood siding and masonry need renovations. If you need to replace siding materials, vinyl siding gives you many options to renovate the exterior finish of your home. Here are some tips to help with restoring the exterior of your home with vinyl siding replacement and exterior renovations.

1. Vinyl Soffit and Cornice to Makeover the Damaged Woodwork on Eaves  

The soffit is another improvement that you may want to consider when updating the exterior of your home. Vinyl soffit and cornice is a great way to cover up and renovate damaged woodwork with materials that are durable and need little maintenance. Vinyl soffit is also a great choice of material to use for features like covered porches and patio enclosures, which are often exposed to weather and moisture that can cause damage to conventional wood products.

2. Vinyl Composite Moldings to Add Details to Around Windows and Other Areas

One of the problems that you may have with the original exterior finish of your home is the lack of details, like friezes and molding. These features make architectural designs and details stand out, which can be improved with modern vinyl composite trim and molding materials. These composite materials have the advantages of being very durable and needing little maintenance, which makes them ideal for exterior finishes and architectural details.

3. Covering Damaged Exterior Finishes with a New Vinyl Siding Installation

Damage to materials like stucco and masonry materials may be too much to repair. One option to consider is repairing cracks and other issues before covering the materials with new vinyl siding. The vinyl siding will cover unsightly repairs and problems with the finish to give the exterior a new look. The use of vinyl to cover the old exterior finish will require the installation of slats and sheathing to fasten the new siding to the exterior but can be more affordable than removing materials like brick.

4. Replacing Damaged and Decaying Siding Materials with New Vinyl Materials

If you have existing wood or particle-board siding that is falling apart, the best solution is to have it completely removed. This will give you options for improvements like adding house wrap to your home to reduce thermal transfer and improve energy efficiency.

These are some tips to help with siding improvements to renovate the exterior of your home. If your old exterior finishes need major repairs and restoration, contact a siding company, such as Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center, and talk to them about options to renovate your home's exterior with vinyl siding.