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Elevator Upgrading 101: A Guide For Commercial Customers

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The elevator your business has had in use all these years has served the purpose well, and for the most part, it still does—other than the occasional maintenance call to fix problems. However, there are times when you really should upgrade your elevator to a better version as a business owner. If you feel like it may be etching close to time to have your elevator upgraded, there are some questions you likely have about the whole ordeal. Take a look at a few of those questions and the answers you should know to get things started. 

Why should your elevator be upgraded?

Your elevator really should be upgraded if it has been a long time since the original elevator was installed. In general terms, elevators that have been in operation for several years should be upgraded because safety regulations can change. Really old elevators can be hard to service because parts and components are harder to find when the unit needs repairs or maintenance. A few good signs it is time to upgrade your elevator include:

  • The elevator no longer operates as smoothly as it should
  • The elevator experiences a lot of downtimes
  • The elevator has had to be retrofitted for parts because new ones are not available

Will the entire elevator have to be replaced?

Most of the time, the entire elevator will not have to be replaced; only certain parts. For example, the cab may be in perfectly sound shape, but the motor is in need of an upgrade. When you hire a contractor for an upgrade, they will carefully go over your unit and its functioning parts to determine what will have to be replaced. 

Can you just upgrade the cab interior if it is outdated?

You actually can make changes to the cab interior of the elevator if it is severely outdated. It is always best to work with a licensed contractor for these upgrades, however, because there are strict regulations about the weight of the cab and all changes will have to be carefully assessed before they are made. 

Will the elevator have to be inspected once upgrades are made?

The elevator may have to be inspected once upgrades have been made, even if you just upgrade the interior of the cab because the safety of the unit will have to be checked. However, a good licensed contractor will usually make sure this process is properly scheduled and carried out on your behalf. 

For more information and assistance, contact your local elevator service today.