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Home Sewage System Problems

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A sewage system is one of the most convenient ways for a homeowner to get rid of the waste that goes through the drains in their home. Sewage is very toxic and cause someone to get sick if exposed to it, such as if the plumbing lines get clogged up, causing the waste to flow back into their house. Several things can happen within the lines that causes the system to clog up, but diagnosing the problem is sometimes difficult for a homeowner to do. Sewer line problems should be handled by professional contractors so the right equipment can be used to make a prompt diagnosis. This article explains why sewage system problems should be taken seriously and how a professional repair might be done.

Problems a Malfunctioning Sewage System Can Cause

The last thing that you want is for sewage to flow back into your house via clogged-up plumbing lines. The waste is highly toxic and can create a large mess that is dangerous to be cleaned up without professional help. Backed-up sewage can also lead to your house having a bad odor that won't go away until the problem has been resolved. The odor of sewage can become strong enough to make you and other household members feel nauseated about breathing in the foul-smelling air. A bad case of sewage backing up might lead to ruined flooring materials in your house that need to be deep cleaned, sanitized, or replaced altogether.

Getting to the Root of a Plumbing Line Problem

A professional inspection of the sewage system is the only way to get to the root of a plumbing line problem. What most professionals use for the task is a camera that is designed for diagnosing plumbing line problems. The cameras can handle moisture, travel through waste materials, and capture clear images of what is inside the plumbing lines. A camera can also be used for inspecting the main sewer line that can otherwise only be accessed via ground excavation. Using a sewer camera for the inspection can actually help professionals avoid ground excavation in most cases.

The Repairs That a Professional Might Need to Do

If a clogged line is the only problem, a professional will clear it out of the sewage system. Jetting the system or using a pump is commonly done to clear out clogged-up lines. Manual removal of clogs is necessary sometimes, with the lines being disassembled so debris can be cleaned out using tools. Plumbing lines that are clogged and badly damaged can be replaced.

For more information about video sewer inspection, contact a local contractor today.