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A Trench With a Sunken Fence Could Be the Solution for Your Digging Dog

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If you have a dog that loves to dig under fences and escape, then you can solve the problem by burying the fence in a trench. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will also keep other dogs and wildlife from digging through the fence on the other side. That could help keep destructive wildlife out of your garden, pool, or yard. The easy way to install a fence is to let a trenching service dig it. Here's some more information about putting in a new fence that's buried in a trench.

Have Utility Lines Marked First

The trench digging service will probably require that the utility lines be marked first even if there is a current fence on your property. That's because your current fence probably sits on top of the ground or just a few inches under the soil. It's required by law to notify utility companies before any digging on your property, so you don't cut through a utility line accidentally. You may even need to obtain a permit from your city before digging begins. The trench service can help with all these preparations, so your fence is installed legally and according to code.

Decide if You Want to Tear out the old Fence

You may want a trench dug next to your current fence and new wire fencing installed next to it. This could provide double protection against your determined dog. However, if you prefer to have only one fence, you may need to have the old one taken out before the trench is dug depending on how close the new fence will be to the old one. Besides that, you shouldn't need to do too much prep work since commercial trenchers can dig through hard soil, weeds, and even tree roots.

Decide on the length of the trench and the contractor can have it dug in no time. You may want to save money and install the dog fence on part of your yard so the dog has a place to roam unsupervised and then let him play in the rest of the yard when you can watch for digging. Keep in mind; the trench can't pass through a patio, driveway, or another concrete surface.

Put in the Fence

If you're installing an invisible fence for your dog, then the contractor might be able to lay down the wire at the same time the trench is dug depending on the machine used. If you're installing another type of fencing, you'll need to put up the fence yourself, which you might be able to do if the posts are left from the old fence, or you'll need a fencing contractor to complete the job. Once the fence is up, it will extend several inches under the soil, and once the soil is covered with grass or weeds, your dog shouldn't have much interest in digging there. But if your dog is overcome with the urge to dig, the depth of the new fence will put an end to it when the bottom of the fence is several inches to a few feet underground and attached to a wood plank.

For more information, contact your local fence trenching services.