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Repairing Minor Damage To Gutters: Three Options To Consider

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When your gutters have a small leak or crack, they can cause water to come into your home. Repairing this damage before it becomes a serious problem can prevent you from having to replace your gutters. Fortunately, there are a few fixes you can try on your own. Here are some helpful tips you can use to make small repairs before your gutters become a big problem.

Roofing Cement

Roofing cement can be used for a number of gutter repairs. It can be placed over tiny pin holes or punctures in your gutters to provide a seal against water, and it can also be used to patch small cracks. If you notice rust starting to form on aluminum gutters, you can use the roofing cement to prevent holes caused by the rust. You'll want to clean the area you are using the roofing cement on first to ensure even, smooth application. Wear a protective mask and eye goggles for safety while using this product.

Gutter Screws

If you notice that a portion of your gutter is beginning to pull away from your home, you can secure it in place using gutter screws. These screws come in a variety of lengths to fit your gutter, and they can be screwed into place using an electric cordless drill. The screws are affixed from the exterior side of the gutter and are sunk into the opposite side closest to your home to secure them into the wall. If a large portion of gutter is beginning to pull away, you may need to use several screws to keep it securely attached to the home.

Gutter Repair Tape

For cracks in the gutters, you can use gutter repair tape to make minor repairs. The tape is relatively easy to use, and it simply affixes to each side of the crack to form a seal. Be sure to use tape created specifically for gutter repair, as it is designed to withstand water. Other types of heavy-duty tape may work temporarily, but they may not hold up during severe storms or even light drizzles. If you have large cracks, you may want to have a contractor replace that section of gutter as a long-term solution.

In the event you find large holes and cracks, or if your gutters have begun to rust and degrade, it may be time to consider gutter replacement. Talk to your contractor about different gutter replacement options, such as seamless gutters, to channel water away from your home effectively. Contact a company like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc to learn more.