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Getting A Well Drilled? 4 After Drilling Maintenance Tips

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There are many benefits to owning your own private water well. You will always have access to water. You will be able to save money on water bills. You will have access to cleaner, healthier water. However, in order for you to experience these benefits, you must ensure that you maintain your water well after it is drilled and the equipment is installed. Otherwise, the well system could malfunction, leading to poor water quality. To avoid that, here are four tips that will help you care for your water well after it is drilled:

Maintenance Tip #1: Perform Regular Visual Inspections

You are going to need to visually inspect your well on a regular basis. More than likely, for protection from weather elements, your well is inside of a pump house. You will want to inspect it for weak areas and damage. You will also want to check inside the well for any mold growth as well as pests. Don't forget to keep an eye on the ground around the well for leaks.

Maintenance Tip #2: Check the Water Well Cap and Cover

The well cap and cover to your well should always be secure and intact. These both serve as defensive shields against pollutants that could contaminate your drinking water. While you should check these frequently, you should definitely check them after storms to ensure that they are still intact.

Maintenance #3: Watch for Changes in the Water

With city water, you are notified when there is a problem with your drinking water. Unfortunately, with well water, this is not the cases. Therefore, you have to detect changes in your water, such as unusual smells, tastes or colors. If you notice anything strange with the quality of your water, there is a chance that it could be contaminated. You will need to call a professional immediately. 

Maintenance #4: Schedule Annual Testing

Similar to anything else that involves water, such as a swimming pool, your well needs to be tested. This includes the equipment as well as the water. The equipment needs to be tested to ensure that there are no repairs needed and that everything is functioning properly. The water is tested for bacteria. 

When you are ready to have access to your very own private, healthy and clean water anytime that you want, contact a water well drilling contractor in your area today. As a general rule, the same qualified contractor should be able to conduct routine maintenance and repairs on your water well in the future. Contact a company, like Bohs Well Drilling Inc, for more help.