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Natural Stone Countertops For A Contemporary Kitchen

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Modern is one of the most popular styles for kitchens, which makes sense for such a hard-working space. Contemporary style is characterized by clean lines, solid colors, and some nod to minimalism. With kitchens, the countertops are an important consideration. Not only do they provide a work surface, but they take up a lot of visual space. Consider natural stone countertops for your modern kitchen remodel.

Natural Stone Options

Your first consideration will probably be which type of natural stone you want for your countertops.

  • Granite: The most common stone for countertops, granite offers an endless variety of colors and pattern. It's very durable and requires little maintenance.
  • Marble: A luxury option, marble offers the classic color and veining. Marble requires special care.
  • Soapstone: A warm-looking stone, soapstone offers a smooth texture typically in shades of gray. It's soft but dense, meaning it doesn't require sealing.
  • Limestone: A sedimentary stone, limestone features patterning of fossils and other sediments in the design. According to Ask the Builder, it does require special sealing.
  • Slate: A uniquely uniform option, soapstone comes in several colors but offers muted patterning. It's hard and heat-resistant.

Any of the above natural stone options can complement a modern kitchen.


A big design decision will be which color you want for your countertops. This may even drive your stone selection. For instance, granite offers the most color options, ranging from classic beige to bold green, red, and blue. Marble and slate also come in various colors, while soapstone and limestone offer only a few hues.

You should choose your stone color once you've chosen your color palette. With contemporary kitchens, the color palette is often based on a neutral such as beige or taupe, though white is a mod option. Either way, you typically accent with a couple bolder colors.

Putting it All Together

The key to cohesive — and therefore attractive — kitchen design is putting it all together.

The color palette is the start. Your countertops will be either the base shade or an accent hue. For instance, if you're opting for a monochromatic feel, choose stone the same color as your walls and cabinets. You could even start with limestone or soapstone and match the paint to your countertop color. Conversely, you could use boldly-colored granite or marble for a mod kitchen. Solid-colored slate or soapstone is also modern.

When it comes to the finish, high-gloss looks more contemporary, though stones such as soapstone are typically finished matte. For edging, a minimalist eased edge offers that modern feel.

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