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Choosing The Best Material To Frame Your House With

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While you may not be personally constructing your own home, you will have an incredible amount of input in every detail. From choosing the color of your home to selecting the kitchen appliances, every step requires your approval before your contractors are able to continue work. Know what type of frame you want your home to be built with so that it is sturdy and able to be expanded on for additional storage room and more spacious living quarters.

Traditional Wood Framing

Builders have been using wooden beams to frame out houses for a very long time. This process not only allows construction companies to quickly put up houses, but also layout each room inside so that drywall, insulation, and duct work can be installed in rapid succession.

Homes built with wooden frames have some very attractive advantages, but they aren't as fire retardant as structural steel. Using structural steel beams to frame your home is not only safer for your family, but it may also help you to get better homeowners insurance rates.

Framing Your Home With Structural Steel

Not all residential construction contractors have a history of using structural steel to frame out homes. Simply put, a heightened level of expertise will be necessary in order to bolt each structural steel beam in place securely, and specific tools should be used to hoist each piece in the correct position. What you can count on is having a home constructed that will be impervious to fire damage.

Structural steel also enables homes to be built with creativity in mind, so if you were considering including vaulted ceilings, high archways, or other avant garde features, using this material will allow your architecture to have much more freedom when designing the plans for your house. If you decide that you want to relocate your house, if it has been framed with structural steel it will be able to be transported and secured in a new area with fewer concerns than homes with traditional wood framing.

Consider the fact that tall office buildings are almost exclusively built with structural steel framing and support beams. As these structures can tower dozens of stories from the ground, they are built to stand up to both natural disasters and frequent internal repairs as well as renovations. Using the same type of steel to frame your home can only help you to have a strong and enduring house built, that is secure and great to look at.