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3 Tips For Making A Home Renovation Easier To Live With

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A home renovation can transform your living space after it's finished, but while it's in progress, your living space may feel—unlivable. It is particularly challenging to deal with kitchen and bathroom renovations, but when the whole house is being redone, it can feel impossible to deal with. Here's how to manage a whole house renovation project without feeling like you have to move into a hotel until it's finished.

1. Save a Getaway Room

When you have to look at the renovation and construction materials 24/7, it can be emotionally draining. Almost everyone likes to have an organized household, but a home renovation does create a lot of clutter.

To save your sanity, save a getaway room, where you and your family members can escape the chaos of the home renovation when it all feels like too much. The getaway room should be free from clutter, and have all you need to feel comfortable and organized.

2. Keep Debris Confined

There's no way to avoid having dust, dirt and debris kicked up during a home renovation project. Sometimes it may seem like the whole house is filled with construction dust. But if you keep the debris confined to the areas where the renovation is actively being done, it will be much more pleasant to live in your house during the construction activity.

Keep doors closed on rooms that are being renovated. If there is no door to that room, hang plastic sheeting on the doorway. The work crew, like those from Maxwell Construction Company, will be able to go in and out, but dust and debris will stay confined to that room.

3. Eat Meals Away

When a kitchen is part of the renovation project, you won't be able to go in there to access coffee, the refrigerator, or the microwave. Even if you could, it would be disruptive to the work crew to have you in there trying to cook while they're doing the renovation.

Make restaurant or easy=to-prepare meals part of the budget for your household renovation. It might get pricey, but the convenience will be worth it to help you get through your whole house renovation with as little stress as possible.

When you arrange to have a getaway room, keep dust, dirt and debris confined to the renovation areas, and resign yourself to eating meals at restaurants, your entire home renovation project will feel just a little easier to live with--without having to move out until it's completed.