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How To Match New Shingles With Existing Ones

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One of the annoying parts about replacing shingles is that the shingles may not match. If they don't match, it will be noticeable that you had shingles replaced and the result will be less attractive. Even if you use the exact same shingles and paint as you used originally for your roof, shingles fade and the new shingles will stand out.

Use The Extra Shingles

Your roof will likely come with extra shingles that are designed to replace shingles that have become damaged. These singles may fade along with the shingles that are already on your roof, which will allow you to replace your shingles with ones that match.

Move Shingles To Less Visible Locations

One solution is to move shingles that match to the more noticeable locations while placing the new shingles in the less noticeable locations. Even if your shingles do not perfectly match, it doesn't matter if no one can see. Using this approach can be challenging and it is probably a good idea to seek help from a roof repair specialist.

Shingles Won't Always Fade How You Want Them To

You may hope that the shingles will eventually fade to the color that the original shingles were, but shingle fading is an ongoing process caused by the sun's rays and the quality of the single material. Therefore, even as the new shingles fade, they may not reach the level of fading of the old shingles. Fortunately, new shingles fade more quickly than older shingles, so the newer ones may get somewhat close to the level of fading of the old shingles.

Consider Replacing Them

If necessary, you may decide to simply replace all of the shingles. Then, they will all have the same color and will fade at the same rate. If you would like to reduce the extent to which the shingles fade, you will want to purchase shingles that are made out of high-quality materials that are resistant to fading.

Consult With A Roof Repair Specialist

If you are unable to replace your shingles with ones that match, you may need to form a compromise. You will need to sit down with a roof repair contractor to discuss the shingle options that are available and what they will look like. However, a skilled roof repair specialist will often be able to blend shingles in a manner that will make them look aesthetically pleasing. Another option is to paint the shingles to cover up the differences and imperfections.

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