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Troubleshooting Your Country Home Well Water Issue

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Country living has its perks. One of them being fresh, non-chlorinated water straight from your own well dug on your property. But, if you suddenly woke up one morning only to realize you have little to no water pressure running into your home, it may be hard to determine the immediate culprit. Unlike city water, you're responsible to call a plumber or well driller to come out and service your problem. Here are a few things that could be contributing to your lack of water flow and what can be done to fix it.

Bad Circuit Breaker

One of the first things you should check when you have no water flowing is your home's electrical system. It could just be a simple fix by switching the breaker over from off to on. If that doesn't do the trick, it could be that your pump or pressure tank is tripping the breaker to off. This means there may be too much power surging through suddenly, causing the pump to shut off. Having a licensed electrician carefully inspect your breaker panel is recommended. He will be able to determine the exact type of electrical upgrade needed to support the pressure tank and pump, allowing it to run more effectively.

Faulty Well Pump

The well pump in your home helps to pump and drive water from your well and holding tank into your water lines. It's important that it works properly at all times or you could lose prime to your well. The two most common pump types are listed below:

  • Submersible
  • Jet

Many country homes have a submersible well pump. One thing that can lead to breakdown is a pitless adapter. Having this replaced can help restore the flow of water between the well piping and well casing. A professional contractor who specializes in water well service and pump repair is recommended.

You'll need to contact a plumbing pro if you have a jet pump that powers your well. He will look for cracks in the storage tank and examine further into the foot valve and rest of the pipe assembly to help determine the cause of the lack of water flow. The jet pump may need repairing or replacement to help restore water flow. 

Faulty Pressure Tank

Often, you may have good water flow coming from the well, but your pressure tank is not able to hold the right amount of pressure. According to Popular Mechanics, most pressure tanks hold water pressure at around 40 to 60 psi. As you use water in the home, it will slowly drop. The pressure tank should kick on at that point to build pressure back up. A faulty tank or pressure switch will not work properly, allowing water pressure to change or decrease suddenly as you begin using it. Replacement of the switch or the entire tank may resolve the issue. 

Bad Water Well

Something no homeowner wants to hear is that the well has gone bad or dried up. With a dug well, there is no guarantee how many years the water table will be up and water will be readily available. Contacting a water well digging contractor is the best way to have your well inspected for water levels. If it's dry, they will have to dig in another surrounding area to find water.

Water issues can be troublesome. Go to sites about the topic or contact a professional well water contractor today to get water flowing once again.