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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Propane Tank Heaters During Cold Winter Months

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Propane tank heaters are electric blankets for propane tanks. You can wrap just about any size of propane tank in one of these blanket heaters and keep the tank and the gas inside it nice and toasty. There are a few other reasons why you would want to keep your propane tanks warm and why you should use these heaters on cold winter days, especially if you have several large or small propane tanks on your construction property.

The Low Pressure Front Reason

During cold winter months, you have probably discovered that the tires on your construction trucks seem to get flatter more often. This is a result of the low pressure fronts in cold months pushing inward and up on most objects, including inflated tires, which are also under pressure. That causes tires to leak, and just as the cold weather causes tires to leak air, so cold weather can cause propane tanks to leak propane. By keeping the propane tank warm, you are fighting off the effects of the low pressure front, thereby keeping more of the propane you paid for inside the tank.

The Inefficient Internal Pressure Reason

Cold propane is less efficient and has lost some of its pressurization. While the low pressure front can cause a tank to leak, the cold that accompanies the front causes the propane to become depressurized. Now you have a slow leaking propane tank. You can only stop the leak and increase the pressure inside the tank by warming the tank. (When you need to use the propane in the tank and you need the pressure in the tank to force a lot of propane out, the tank can only accomplish this when both the gas and the tank are above a certain temperature.)

The Banked Snow and Thickly-Caked Ice Removal Reason

If your job sites are in very frigid climates and the snow and ice is such that they not only can bury the propane tanks but also encase them in thick ice, you will have to remove the snow and ice constantly so that the tanks can keep working. The manual procedure for keeping snow and ice off of a propane tank is tedious at best, dangerous to your fingers and hands at the worst (e.g., the ice pick cuts your fingers or slips and stabs your hand). Now, if you have a propane tank heater wrapped around the tank and it is going full blast, every snowflake and raindrop that hits the heater melts right away--no more banked snow and thickly-caked ice removal for you.

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