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A Few Benefits Of Motorized Shades You Probably Didn'T Think Of

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Having motorized shades on the windows in your home is a definite convenience if you have a lot of windows or live in a multi-story home. You can open and close all the shades with a simple push of a button. You can even have them set to a timer that will open and close them at specified times each day. However, if you are vacillating over whether or not to have them installed, here are a few additional benefits that will probably have you calling for estimates.

Save Money

This is a big benefit, and one most people don't think about until they notice the savings. Motorized shades can be set so that they open or close depending on the amount of sunlight streaming through them. Program them to open on a sunny day in the winter to allow the sun to help heat inside. Of course, you can have them close with the sunlight in the summer to keep things cool too.

Protect Furniture and Carpets

Money is not the only thing that will be saved when your motorized blinds operate according to the sun.  Harsh sunlight can fade the colors of your carpets and furniture. It can also dry out the fibers, making them brittle so they break or tear easier. When you control how much sunlight is beaming onto your belongings, you can make them look better and last longer.

Protect People and Animals

Children and animals can become tangled in the cords on regular blinds. This can be life-threatening if the cord gets wrapped around a neck. There are no cords on motorized shades. People can also get caught in the cords while passing by with something in their arms, making them trip or drop the item. In addition, if you have a few windows that are located in hard-to-reach spots, you won't have to worry about someone standing on furniture or climbing onto a window sill to adjust the blinds.

You can have motorized blinds custom made to fit your windows. They are available in all sizes and colors. There are even some setups that can be operated from a Smart Phone. If you are going to be getting home a bit later than normal, you can close the blinds from your phone so people cannot see into your house as easily. Isn't it about time to start shopping around for motorized blinds so you can enjoy all these benefits? For more information, contact companies like Park City Blind & Design.