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4 Truss Designs You Can Consider For Your Roofing Needs

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The truss is the part of your roof that helps distribute weight from roofing materials more evenly, and the design of your truss can help determine the overall aesthetic appeal and function of your roofing's design. As you discuss with your contractor the type of roof you want, you may want to think about truss designs as well. Here are 4 truss designs you can consider for your roofing needs.

King Post Truss

This is a common truss style that allows for a traditional beam structure to applied on top of it. This is typically a triangular design, but it can be customized with diagonal struts or curved edging to give it greater aesthetic appeal. This is a style you can choose if you just want a traditional, simple roof for your home's design.

Scissors Truss

If you have a higher roof design planned for your home, such as a lofty cabin design or a Tuscan-inspired build, then a scissors truss may be your best option. The boards lap in the center of this truss to offer height and greater stability and offer a star-like design that is aesthetically pleasing. The result is a cathedral, architectural look that provides ample roof support.

Bridge Truss

A bridge truss is a simple design that has a squared-off effect for the home. This kind of truss is ideal for homes that have a gentle slope to the roof. If you are building a home that has very little pitch, this may be the type of truss that you'd like to have built. Discuss this kind of truss with your contractor to see if it's an option you should consider.

Queen Post Truss

This is a unique style of truss with a high pitch that is best suited for great rooms or rooms where a fireplace is going to be installed. There are 2 posts with this truss design, giving the builder more architectural freedom. Your contractor may want to use this style of truss if your home has a unique style or you wish to have more leeway in roof design.

Understanding the basics of different styles of trusses can help you be more confident when discussing roofing options with your contractor. There are many options to choose from, and these 4 are some of the common ones you may want to consider for the build of your own home. Your contractor can help you decide ultimately what style of truss will work best for your roofing needs.

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