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Don't Let Your Holiday Celebration Turn Into A Sewer Nightmare

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If you frequently invite house guests to stay with you at the holidays, you may have noticed that sewer problems and family celebrations seem to go hand-in-hand. If so, this is probably related to kitchen and bathroom use that happens when house guests are around. Flushing things down the drain that shouldn't be flushed can cause a number of sewer problems. These tips will help you avoid issues.

Monitor What Goes Down The Drain

There are a number of undesirable things that can get flushed down the drain when holiday guests come to visit. Chief among these items are grease from holiday feasts and hair from extra showers. Hair and grease can cause clogs in drains and in the sewers. You can avoid this problem by doing the following:

  • Provide a shower and bathtub drain protector in every bathroom. This prevents hair and other items from being flushed down your shower or bathtub drain.
  • Save your grease and throw it away. Save your grease after cooking. Allow it to cool, then throw it way. Alternatively, you can also recycle your cooking grease if your community offers a grease recycling program. Contact your local sanitation department or city hall to find out more information.

Place Garbage Cans And Signs In The Bathroom

You may have good flushing habits in your household, but not everyone does. Many people habitually flush items like tampons, adult wipes, baby wipes, kitty litter, and more. Unless you're certain that your house guests don't do this, it's a good idea to make it clear that you don't do this kind of thing in your house. Be sure to place a garbage can in each bathroom, so your guests will be able to throw away what they might otherwise flush. Also, put a small sign in your bathroom advising bathroom users not to flush anything but human waste.

Address Sewer Issues Before The Holiday Guests Arrive

If your home is already having sewer problems, heavy kitchen and bathroom use at the holidays is likely to make it worse. Watch for these signs of sewer clogs:

  • Slow moving drains throughout the house. If you have one or two slow moving drains in your home, this is probably not a sign of any sewer trouble. But if all the drains in your home are slow moving, this is a good indication that your sewers are backed up.
  • Drains that backup into other drains. Flushing the toilet should never cause the bathtub to fill with dirty water. If it does, this is an indication that your sewer is clogged.

If you're concerned that you sewers are partially clogged, schedule sewer service before your holiday guests arrive. This way your sewers will be in good condition and more able to handle the activity of your house guests.