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2 Quick Furnace Fixes

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There are many points in most HVAC systems where the air flow can get slowed down. If you have a furnace that is not producing as much hot airflow as you expect, now is the time to get it fixed. With winter approaching, take some steps to increase the airflow of your furnace and save some money throughout the season.

Finding and Cleaning the Output Pipe

The first thing that could be reducing your air flow is the output pipe. The output pipe is that small pipe coming out of your wall near the bottom of an exterior wall. It is usually along the wall nearest the furnace inside your home or garage. This pipe is vital in the airflow of the furnace. It helps with the circulation and allows the pump to produce stronger air flow. The output pipe can get clogged by dirt or leaves. This is why most pipes have a small register on the end. However, the register can still get clogged with dust from the inside and dirt from the outside.Therefore, it needs to be cleaned frequently. Just pop the register off of the pipe and clean both sides well. Also, look inside your pipe with a flashlight. Any severe blockages need to be removed immediately.

Changing the Filter

Once the output pipe is cleaned, you should clean the filter. Most furnaces have a filter between the pump and the output to the ducts. It is the first line of defense against dust in the pump compartment. So, if your pump compartment seems to be dirty or dusty, you filter is likely to be very dirty. Pull your filter out (it is easy to see because it is so large) and change it. Some filters are fully encased, but they are still easy to access without any tools and should be clearly marked. Filters are cheap, so it is easier to replace them completely instead of trying to clean them. A clean filter will not only increase the airflow, it will also ensure that your home is getting cleaner air!

The added benefit of having a cleaner furnace filter and output vent is the fact that most central HVAC systems use the furnace pump to blow air from the air conditioner throughout the house as well. So you might be making your AC and heating more efficient at the same time. These two simple repairs could end up significantly reducing your bills. If you need further help, contact a representative from a company like Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.