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Can Roofers Still Repair Roofs During Winter?

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Some roofers work year-round but requesting roof repair during the winter isn't always an ideal option for every customer. Many roofing companies prefer to stick with emergency repairs during the winter, but a variety of factors affect a company's willingness to work on your roof when this season rolls around. Read on for a couple tips to help you decide whether your home or business could benefit from a roofing repair or replacement during this time of year.    

Consider Your Climate

Winter temperatures vary widely across the United States, with seasonal averages ranging from 2.6 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperatures make it difficult for the self-sealant used to secure shingles to a roof to become activated. Heat from the sun causes sealant activation, which is what prevents shingles from flapping in the wind.

Cold weather also affects the performance of some roofing-related tools, such as an air compressor. Roofers typically use an air compressor to power their tools, but this becomes an issue when the air compressor converts air with any trace of humidity on a chilly day. The humidity can cause the air to freeze in the compressor, which restricts airflow to tools connected to the compressor.

If your region's average temperature falls in the higher range, you are probably a good candidate for roofing work during the winter. However, a high temperature does not guarantee success during a roofing installation or repair, as weather-related issues such as hail or frequent rainstorms can also impact a company's decision to work on your roof.

Think About Your Schedule

Is your schedule jam-packed due to holiday parties, winter sports, and family functions? You might not want to add yet another item to your lengthy to-do list. Then again, life can get hectic any time of the year, and a roofing company might be able to finish your roof faster than usual if they have fewer commitments when the weather gets cold. The roofers can focus on your work rather than dashing to multiple homes or businesses to assist other customers.

Review Your Budget

Finances are a concern for many people during the winter, especially if you're tight on funds due to buying holiday gifts or hosting lavish parties. However, many roofing companies offer flexible payment plans or low-interest financing, and they also accept credit cards. Discuss your financial concerns with a roofing company (such as RSG Home Improvements LLC) before you give up on the idea of having winter work done.

It's possible to have work done on your roof in the winter, even if you don't need emergency repairs. Contact a representative from a local roofing company to learn more about seasonal options for repairs, replacements, and maintenance.