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3 Tips For Preparing For The Hurricane Season

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As hurricane season approaches, it is important that you prepare your home for it. Preparation is more than just stacking up food and first aid supplies. You need to assess your home and take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that it can weather the storm ahead. Here are some tips for getting your home ready. 

Secure Your Roofing

Your roofing can be considered your home's first line of defense against the rain and wind that usually accompanies a hurricane. Unfortunately, the stronger the storm, the more of a beating your roofing will take. 

To prepare your home's roofing for the storm, you need to take an assessment of its condition. Nail down any loose shingles that you notice. You also should consider retaining a contractor to install hurricane straps and a backup water barrier. If your roofing material is metal, carefully inspect it for signs of corrosion. The damaged areas will need to be removed and replaced before the season starts. 

Remove Your Clutter

During a hurricane, clutter in your yard can become a projectile that could potentially damage your home or lead to injuries. To prevent this from happening, gather all of the clutter out of your yard and dispose of it now. 

You should also remove dead trees, shrubs, and other foliage that could be harmful. Rent a dumpster to help with removing the items from your home. If you attempt to haul all of it away bit by bit, you could be caught unprepared when bad weather occurs. As an added bonus to having the dumpster on-site, you can empty out items in your home, such as old furniture. The extra space you gain from storage can be used to store emergency supplies. Check companies like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc., for more information about dumpster rental.

Stock Up On Window And Door Coverings

In the event that a hurricane does strike, you will need to protect your doors and windows. Instead of waiting until the last minute to purchase coverings, do it now. If you wait until a storm is coming, you could be faced with limited options. You need to ensure that you have coverings for every window, no matter how small it is. Ensure that you purchase the right fasteners and anchors for the coverings you select for the windows. 

Hurricane preparation can take time, but it is well worth it. Taking steps now, such as hauling away clutter in dumpsters, can not only help prevent injuries, but save your home from damage.