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How To Easily Replace Your Chain Link Fence With A Long-Lasting Wooden Fence

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Chain link fences are nice for securing your yard and keeping children and pets inside your yard's fence line, but you may not like the look of chain link around your yard. Especially if the chain link fence is around your front yard, it is the first thing people see when they arrive at your house. Fortunately, there is an easy way to switch out the chain link fence in your front yard and replace it with a stained wooden fence without digging out the chain link fence posts. Use the following instructions to help you with this easy process.

Remove the Chain Link

First, you will need to remove and roll up the old chain link fence in your yard. Remove all the nuts, bolts, offset bands, and tension bars that attach the end of the chain link to the metal poles. Then, disconnect all the fence tie wires holding the chain link to the supporting top rails until the chain link comes loose. Lay the length of chain link on the ground and roll it up from one end. Now you can remove all the top rails, rail end sockets, and line post caps on each fence post.

Install New Wooden Fence Posts

You don't need to dig up and tear out the metal fence posts to replace them with wooden posts. Save yourself hours of digging and cementing new fence footings by using the posts that are already installed. You won't have to center and align your new fence posts and they won't ever rot out in their footings. 

All you need to do is buy metal brackets to install the four by four wooden posts onto the metal posts. The metal fence post brackets will fit around the metal post and attach onto the wooden posts, holding them in place. 

You can cut the wooden posts to be the height of the metal posts they are attached onto or you can cut them taller, depending upon how tall you want your fence to be. The wooden post should be positioned on the outside of your fence so it is what will be visible from the outside of your yard.

Build the New Fence

Get the necessary materials to build your fence. This includes the two by four top and bottom rails, and the fence pickets. You don't need to use any pressure treated wood as none of the fence wood will be set into the ground. 

Use aluminum or stainless steel screws when constructing your fence. If you use nails to secure your fence together, the nails can come loose from the boards over time, causing the fence to fall apart. Using an aluminum or stainless steel metal will prevent the wood from discoloring around the screws. 

Make sure you paint or spray an exterior stain or water-repellent sealant on your new wooden fence. This will protect your fence from sun and water damage. Your easy-to-convert fence should last as long as possible. For additional help, contact a fencing contractor