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Think You Have A Ghost In Your House? It May Be Electrical Problems

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If you are seeing things happen in your home, such as lights coming on and off, flickering lights, the power turning off, etc., do not call someone to come in and check your home for ghosts just yet. It may very well be an electrical problem.

Lights Flicker

If only one lamp is flickering on and off, it is likely the light bulb is not tight. Tighten it up and see if this fixes your problem. If it does not, the filament that is inside of the light bulb is likely loose, and it is time to replace the bulb.

If more than one light is flickering, the problem may be power arcing. This problem can be dangerous, because a power arc means the wires are loose or they have corroded connections. If you are having this problem, the wire connections cannot make complete contact, and this causes arcing between the two connections. Once this happens, heat is produced and breaks down the wire's insulation, which can then cause an electrical fire.

As you can see, flickering lights is something you should take seriously. Call an electrical contractor immediately to see if you are having power arcing.

Lights Dim

If you notice your lights dim when your HVAC unit starts up or one of your appliances come on, your circuit is overloaded. In cases like this, you may need to replace the circuit. You should also check to make sure your appliances and lights are not connected to the same circuit. This problem is not dangerous and is usually only an annoyance.

Power Off in One Room

If there is no power in only one room in your home, the circuit breaker has likely been tripped. This is a very easy problem to fix on your own. Find your circuit breaker panel, which is on a wall in your home. This could be in a laundry room, kitchen, etc.

Open the panel and you will see several breakers. These breakers should be labeled. Find the one that is labeled for the area that you are having a problem. For example, if the power is out in your den, the circuit breaker marked den is likely off. If it is, it will be turned to the left. Turn it back on by turning it to the right, and see if the room has power. If it does not, turn the breaker back off and on again.

If you are having these electrical problems and you cannot fix them, call residential electrical services. They can also check for other wiring problems that you may not be aware of.