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Basic Roof Maintenance Checks During The Spring

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When the spring season arrives, it may be a good idea to assess your home's roof for winter weather–related damage. Roof problems created during the winter may consist of leaks, missing shingles and loose gutters. The information below provides some tips on how to conduct basic roof maintenance checks during the spring season.

Check Around The Ground

Firstly, you should conduct a peripheral search around your home looking for fallen roof shingles, partially collapsed gutters and clogged drains by the downspouts. Water stains along the surface of the home's siding may also indicate that the gutters are starting to overflow. Check if the roof line starts to sag or the flashing appears out of place. There may also be an accumulation of debris because of fallen leaves and other materials, which can cause water to pool along the roof. The growth of mold and moss may also develop because of pooled water; by adding zinc strips it will control the growth and preserve the roof's material.

Check Around The Roof

On a clear day with very little wind, consider hauling out an extra long extension ladder that has the ability to fasten itself to the top of the roof to keep you safe. This will allow you to walk along the roof to check up close for missing, cracked or damaged shingles. In addition, you will be able to clean the gutters and remove debris from any clogged areas and check to ensure that the eaves are still fastened to each other. However, if you do find any holes or cracks along the gutters, it may be necessary to have the damaged area replaced to ensure they remain in prime condition. This will prevent severe damage to the structure of your home due to pools of water around the foundation.

While you are up on the roof, consider taking a look around the chimney and pipes for signs of damage. If you notice any areas that appear to be leaking, this may also be a sign that the flashing has become loose.  It is possible that the leak may have not started to pour into your home, but it could still cause problems for the roof's structure. The mortar along the chimney should also be checked for areas that may have started to crumble or missing and damaged bricks.

If you are unsure how to go about conducting a spring maintenance check for your roof, consider consulting with a roofing contractor at K&R Roofing and Gutters