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Stay Ahead Of The Heat: How To Prep Your HVAC For Summer

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When winter comes to an end, it isn't long before summer is knocking at your door. The scorching heat gets hotter and harder as each day passes. More often than not, it will come at you with lightning speed and you won't even be ready for it. Most homeowners will wait until the heat gets virtually insufferable to call on an HVAC professional for maintenance and repairs. If you do the same, you'll be in a long line of waiting customers. Don't let this happen to you by following the following maintenance tips that will prepare your unit for the impending heat:

Examine the System's Filter

All filters need to either be replaced or washed. According to, filters need to be replaced every month throughout the cooling season. If this isn't done, your air conditioning system will be unable to properly cool your home. In addition, it will need to draw more power since it will need to operate harder and longer to cool the home, which leads to higher energy bills. Plus, filthy filters can allow dirt and debris to enter into your HVAC system and then circulate into the home.

Have Your Unit Tested and Cleaned

Don't wait until a hot day arrives to have your HVAC system tested and cleaned. To test your system yourself, turn it on and allow it to operate for a short time. This will provide you with a good indication of whether the unit is in good shape or if it's not functioning properly. If it's the latter, you should schedule a professional test and maintenance as soon as possible. While the HVAC professionals are at your home, have a thorough cleaning done on the unit to improve its overall efficiency and avoid unnecessary overheating.

Inspect the Water Draining System

An air conditioning unit will cause condensation to build-up. This condensation needs to be successfully transported away from the HVAC unit. You need to inspect the hose that is responsible for the draining to ensure it is not damaged in any way. Otherwise, the condensation will begin to build up inside the unit or even leak into the home, causing damage to the unit itself or your home.

Check the System's Ducting

The ductwork in your home is used to transfer air to and from the HVAC unit and the rest of your home. If the ductwork is damaged in any way, the system will be unable to efficiently cool the home. Inspect all ductwork carefully and keep an eye out for any cracks and holes, which should be sealed before the unit is used. If you cannot do this, hire a professional to do so before summer arrives. A good time for this to be done is when you schedule the above-mentioned test and cleaning.

If your HVAC system breaks down in the middle of summer, you may have to pay pricey repairs and you and your family will also be inconvenienced in several ways. Instead, do a little maintenance on your HVAC system before summer strikes to ensure that your system is ready to keep you and your family comfortable in the heat. For more information, contact companies like Custom Comfort.