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Maintain A Great View And An Attractive Building - Tips For Supplementing Commercial Window Cleaning

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If you own your own business, chances are good that you've run into many unexpected challenges. Even if you go in to business ownership entirely prepared to handle your chosen field of industry, the day-to-day mechanics of maintaining an office can be challenging. One of those challenges is maintaining the look of your building by keeping your windows clean.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to supplement a commercial window cleaning project at your office. Following these suggestions will allow you to get the most bang for your buck, and will guarantee that you'll be content and satisfied with the service you receive from your window cleaning professionals.

Consider A Cloudy Day

While many people may think a cloudy day is bad for window cleaning because of the threat of inclement weather, the opposite is often the case. If it's at all possible to build flexibility into your window cleaning schedule, aiming for a day with significant cloud cover can have significant benefits.

Intense sun can cause cleaning products to dry with streaks and spots, decreasing the effectiveness of the cleaning. Sunny days are also warm days, and may cause discomfort in cleaning laborers both in terms of the temperatures they have to endure as well as the intensity of the sunlight that may reflect back into their eyes off of your building.

Clean Out Your Sills

Cleaning off the glass surface of your windows without paying any attention to your window sills is an extremely inefficient cleaning technique. Glass picks up dirt and grime from the surfaces around it, so dirty window sills run the risk of contaminating your windows right after you clean them.

You should try to line up the timing of a window sill cleaning custodial project with a day you have a window cleaning scheduled. This will allow you to handle both areas of concern at once and guarantee that you get the most from the window cleaning process.

Hose Down Screens

As with the window sills, window screens can collect a great deal of dirt. If your windows are commonly opened, gentle breezes can blow pollen and other allergens into your screens and leave them as a veritable health hazard. Your screens should not be ignored and left to collect biological samples. If your glass is being cleaned, you should attempt to remove and hose down the screens as well to create an overall look and feel of window cleanliness.

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