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A Business Owner's Guide To Choosing The Best Commercial Paint Colors

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So you have made the decision to do a little cosmetic work and have the exterior of your business painted. You have sought out the best commercial painting service, informed your customers of upcoming work on the store, and made arrangements for alternate parking. However, there is one giant question still circling its way around your mind - What color will be the best for your business when it comes to paint? There are several questions you should ask before you make a decision.

How big of a change is it safe to make in the store's aesthetic appearance?

If your store's exterior has been off white for years and you really would like to see something bright and colorful, you have to ask yourself if this is a drastic change you are willing to make. Will customers still be able to recognize the store as yours with the same type of service? In business, sometimes you do have to be careful with major changes, even if it is only the exterior color of the store. Making changes too suddenly could send a signal to existing customers that there has been a major change in the business, even if the only difference is the color they see when they pull into the parking lot.

What type of business is it that you have and what is its personality?

If you are in the business of selling medical equipment to mostly senior citizens, bright and off-the-wall colors will not leave a good impression. This is only one example of why you have to be careful to choose a commercial paint color that coincides with the business you have. There are colors that automatically convey a specific message. For example, primary colors are often associated with child-related business.

How will the surrounding elements coincide with your new color?

When you are working with a painting contractor to choose a color, you have to take into account the surrounding characteristics and landscape. If yours is the only brightly colored building in the vicinity, you know that your business will stick out from the crowd and may not make the best statement. Further, the neighboring businesses may not appreciate you making a bold statement when it comes to color.

The wrong color choice on the exterior of your business may not seem like a big deal, but when your profit comes in part by the impressions you make on your customers, it really is. Thankfully, finding the right exterior paint color is easy if you ask yourself the right questions. Be sure to talk to your chosen commercial painting service professional about choosing the best paint color for your business.