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Emergency Roof Repairs: Dealing With A Leak While You Wait For A Roofer

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If you are forced to wait several days or weeks before you are able to have a roofing contractor repair the leak in your roof, you may simply assume that there is nothing that can be done to stop the water from flowing until professional help arrives. However, the truth is, most leaks can be temporarily repaired on a DIY basis without the need for any specialty tools or overly expensive equipment. In fact, you can often complete these emergency repairs within a matter of minutes with items you may already have in your garage. The step-by-step instructions below can help you to accomplish this task.

What You Will Need

  • piece of plywood several inches larger than the damage to your roof
  • heavy-duty tarp
  • several masonry bricks
  • ladder
  • nails

Step 1: Access Your Roof And Find The Leak

Begin by carefully positioning your ladder in the center of the exterior wall along which the damage to your roof is located. By positioning your ladder in the center of the wall rather than near the corner of your home, you will be able to avoid any issues with the ladder falling to the ground in the event of a wind gust while you are working on the roof.

Once you are sure that the ladder is stable, carefully ascend onto the roof. If the ground beneath your ladder is sloped or soft, you may wish to ask a friend or neighbor to hold the ladder still while you are climbing. You can also use a rope and bucket to help transport your roofing supplies up the ladder if you do not feel comfortable carrying these items while climbing.

Be sure to check the roofing surface with your hand to ensure it is not slippery before stepping onto the roof itself. Finally, make your way to the area where the leak is coming from and identify exactly where the damage is that needs to be repaired. Typically, this will be a relatively easy task as missing shingles or holes in the roofing materials will be evident rather quickly.

Step 2: Nail Plywood Over Damaged Area

Once you have located the source of your leak, begin by using four roofing nails to secure a piece of plywood over the damaged area. When completing this task, be sure not to hit surrounding shingles or tiles as your hammer can cause damage to these roofing materials if they are struck.

Step 3: Put Tarp In Place

In order to provide even better protection against leaks, you will want to cover your piece of plywood with a heavy-duty tarp. Position masonry bricks around the outside of the tarp in order to hold it in place.

Just A Reminder

While this emergency repair process will allow you to stop the flow of rain water into your home while you wait to have your roof leak professionally repaired, this process is not intended to permanently fix the problem. If you wish to avoid any further damage to your roof or the exterior of your home, you will need to contact a roofing contractor (such as one from Pasco Roofing) as soon as possible so that a more permanent repair can be completed.